EDITOR’S LETTER : Pulling Together

Air New Zealand’s Rob Fyfe and the chief of the RNZAF Graham Lintott run very different organisations. Yes, they both involve planes but their missions and structures have little in common. So it is surprising that these men share such lot in terms of leadership style and philosophy. Both are refreshingly down to earth and open and both have strong opinions of the future direction of this country. Our cover story follows conversation between the pair about leadership and management styles, working together and sharing and how they think New Zealanders should work together more for the good of the whole country and economy.
Elsewhere we speak with Telecom’s new CFO Russ Houlden. Hailing from England, Houlden’s interest in the Telecom numbers job was piqued by the company’s precarious market and regulatory position. Obviously up for challenge, and far from your typical risk-averse bean counter, he is excited by the challenge of turning our largest listed company around. His first lesson on doing business in New Zealand was about the speed of implementation. He no longer thinks aloud, saying by the time you’re done muttering about an idea, someone will have implemented it.
We look at the benefits reaped by both staff and management at Fletcher Aluminium as the result of workplace literacy programme. The company works with education provider WorkBase to increase literacy among its largely English-as-a-second-language factory staff and benefits include increased productivity, fewer health and safety incidents and happier, more engaged, workforce.
Last, but by no means least, we’re very excited to announce that NZ Management has taken over the Best Dressed Businessman Award partnership with Working Style. Chris and Tim Dobbs from Working Style give us the benefit of the fashion knowledge (and share their greatest disasters) and nominations are open (via the form on page 43 or online at www.management.co.nz for the Award. So take close look at your colleagues, snap few pictures and show us how stylish New Zealand men are. We’re looking forward to seeing the entries. And yes, it is just for men… the women have style sussed already.

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