EDITOR’S LETTER: Recession Overdose

Pulling together the contents page for this issue highlighted the fact that lot of space is taken up with dealing, in one way or another, with the recession and “current economic climate”. (When will CEC turn up as an official acronym I wonder?)
We’ve taken the attitude that it’s here and it’s not going anywhere in hurry so, like most problems, tackling it head-on is much more likely to produce positive outcomes than head-in-the-sand approach.
There is the risk that people become inundated and switch off, but hopefully most will recognise that knowledge is power so the more information they can digest and use, the better. NZ Management has been advising and supporting New Zealand’s leaders and managers since 1955. Through the tough times and the boom times, the editorial content has challenged, informed and supported its decision-maker readers as they work to improve the country’s prosperity and opportunities. This month’s issue continues that trend.
Our cover story talks about marketing and why it is even more important at the moment. Vicki Jayne tells us that, as the global recession bites into business bravado and crushes consumer confidence and marketing budgets inevitably come under pressure, it’s good time to figure out just why marketing matters. She asks if business leaders are getting the message, whether companies can boldly market their way through tough times and, with more channels to choose from, how is it best to do that? See page 34 for the answers.
We also feature the first in five-part series about how to manage your way through the tough times. Deloitte partners Barry Jordan and Jamie Schmidt share their expertise on cash, debt, valuations and liquidity.
Leaders and leadership comes under increasing scrutiny when the going gets rough. We canvass group of business leaders, academics and education providers on how and why things change.
NZ Management’s message is that it’s here and it’s tough – and we will be here throughout with information, support and advice.

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