EDITOR’S LETTER : Representation For All?

Ensuring diverse representation of skills and backgrounds is long-standing bugbear of board composition. Making sure everyone is not retired accountant, member of the same golf club, or male and over 60 can be challenge.
The latest diversity question to raise its head locally is whether employees should have seat at the board table. The practice is popular in Sweden, Germany and other parts of Europe and is growing in popularity in Asia.
Tim Watkin’s The Director cover story suggests that it’s not concept New Zealand companies are champing at the bit for. Responses are decidedly lukewarm, ranging from questioning confidentiality to the need for stronger management rather than board seats for workers.
But, as the story explains, if it’s happening internationally and Commerce Minister Lianne Dalziel is interested in exploring the idea, it may simply be matter of time before the local debate heats up.

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