EDITOR’S LETTER: Top Of Their Game

This month we celebrate some amazing New Zealanders with our exclusive cover story on the Kea World Class New Zealand Awards. From biotechnology and creative industries to finance, academia and manufacturing, KEA (with support from NZTE) has chosen eight Kiwis to receive World Class Awards.
In these tough economic times, it becomes even more vital to delve into the recipes for Kiwi success, define common characteristics and do our best to replicate what has helped take the 2009 World Class New Zealanders to the top of their game. Vicki Jayne helps us on our way with interviews and profiles of the eight winners. See page 28 and www.management.co.nz for the words we couldn’t fit on the pages.
In the second instalment of Deloitte’s five-part series on how to ride out the recession, Deloitte partners Richard Kirkland and Chas Cable talk about conducting risk review on your business and the impact of the recession on merger and acquisition strategy. See page 42.
And we try to find the positives in redundancy. If it is on your horizon, you would be forgiven for thinking that the salary package for your next job is the last thing you should be considering right now as your focus is much more likely to be on negotiating an exit package, if and when you are compelled to do so. But, as Janet Ison explains on page 50, this is actually the perfect time to work out what you want in your next package.

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