EDITOR’S LETTER : Why we have to care

Researching this month’s cover story wasn’t the easiest exercise – both in terms of the mounting stack of literature on climate change to sift through and the conclusions it forces you to draw.
Sitting in my home office with tuis calling and the shining cuckoo back to herald spring’s arrival, it’s so easy to be complacent about the changes to this planet we have already set in motion. There’s no room for that complacency. Equally, there is no time to despair about what we could lose.
We all need to make some major shifts – firstly in attitudes to economic growth and the blind belief in our ongoing ability to live within the planet’s means. Secondly in fast-forwarding the sort of initiatives that will help brake our destructive progress.
Those who specialise in organisational change know that it happens slowly and only when people start owning the need and helping to generate the means to get there. Regulation (with its inevitable resistance) or even inspiration alone won’t do it. This is an issue we all have to own if the needed changes are to gain any traction.
I believe New Zealand organisations could take leading role in initiating the change conversations. Some already are. Personally, I don’t want to leave my grandchildren to cope with the mess that will result if we don’t start this journey – now. Who would?
On the subject of change – we have few of our own. First, big welcome to Clara Iqbal (pictured below). Clara has taken over the role of ad manager from Paul Lightfoot whose love of music has prompted shift to Real Groove.
English born but now certified Kiwi, Clara has been in media for over 20 years including TV in South Africa, financial PR in London and radio in New Zealand. She’s very excited to be with the magazine, looking forward to re-energising great brand and has hit the ground running – in terms of generating new ideas and opportunities for NZ Management clients.
Second, deputy editor Pauline Herbst has taken on the editorship of Mediaweb title FMCG and former NZ Management editor Reg Birchfield is stepping in to help edit the magazine until year’s end.

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