Enter the Drucker challenge

This year’s challenge, set by the Peter Drucker Society Europe, includes new category for submissions on video.

Participants are invited to provide an essay, video or both addressing the subject “Innovation Inspiration: Lessons for innovators from the arts and sciences”.

Rick Wartzman, executive director of the affiliated Drucker Institute at Claremont Graduate University, says Peter Drucker believed that management, properly practised, is liberal art.

“He believed it draws on all the humanities and social sciences: history, sociology, psychology, theology, art, literature and more. 

“So the theme of this year’s Drucker Challenge, calling on young people to find lessons from the arts and sciences that innovators can draw upon, goes right to the heart of what Drucker was talking about.”

The Drucker Society Europe organises the Global Peter Drucker Forum www.druckerforum.org where practitioners and management thinkers convene to discuss the future of management in pragmatic and solution-oriented manner. 

Speakers for the 2013 Drucker Forum will include: Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO; John Hagel, director Deloitte Center for the Edge; leading organisational behaviour and management specialist Charles Handy; professors Julian Birkinshaw and Lynda Gratton, both from London Business School; and Helga Nowotny, president of the European Research Council. 

For more information on the challenge: www.druckerchallenge.org

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