Enviro forces gather in Rio+20 lead up

Sustainable development, climate change and resource constraints loom large on their horizons.

The 1992 Rio Earth Summit shaped thinking on climate change and sustainable development for the past 20 years. Now UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has declared the moment is ripe to advance the agenda of sustainable development “from theory and uneven progress to decisive implementation”.

So in this issue of Executive Update we’ve dug out trio of big-picture grunty reports on what future resource-constrained world may mean for New Zealand business leaders.

For more analysis see NZ Management’s March 2012 cover story “Parched Planet: Leading in world with less water.” 

Expect much more discussion on such topics in the lead-up to Rio+20 in June.

Plus, in this issue of Executive Update we’ve rifled through PricewaterhouseCooper’s thinking for its latest revelations on emerging market potential and then for its ideas on where governments and CEOs should be focusing their energies.

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