etailing takes off

The growth rate in developing economies is higher still, with rates in China, for example, currently hitting around 75 percent year.

The research report on the global online shopping market was conducted by Transport Intelligence.

Highlights from the study are published in white paper “Logistics of online shopping – Where the real opportunities lie“. 

Goodman Group says the report shows that at time when retail sales in many markets have been sluggish, internet retailing has grown rapidly and the shift in consumer attitude has brought enormous benefits to the global logistics market. 

“E-retailing is at present in rapid growth phase, with little sign of levelling off,” says the report.

It has been estimated that the global e-commerce market could be as much as US$1 trillion in 2013 and up to US$1.4 trillion by 2015.

The US is currently the largest e-retailing market in the world with 170 million users spending on average US$1000 each every year.

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