EXECUTIVE PULSE: Profits-only approach runs distant second

Only 17% of senior New Zealand business decision makers favour profits-only role for their organisations.
Some 75% believe business should generate profits, but balance that with contributing to the broader public good.

Generally speaking, which of the following best describes the role that businesses should play in society?

Focus solely on providing the highest possible returns to investors while obeying all laws and regulations
• All: 15%
• Business decision makers: 17%

Generate returns to investors but balance with contributions to the broader public good
• All: 75%
• Business decision makers: 75%

• All: 11%
• Business decision makers: 9%

Source: ShapeNZ nationwide survey June 17-July 7, 2010. 2094 respondents including 520 business decision makers (managers, proprietors, self employed, professionals). Weighted to represent the national population. Maximum margin of error on the national sample +/- 2.2%.

Shape NZ is operated by the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development.

On the web: www.shapenz.org.nz and www.nzbcsd.org.nz

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