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The fortnightly newsletter for thought leaders 11th May 2012

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New Randstad research throws up some surprises around what employees most want from their paymasters. It also shows huge divide between what men and women say they want. Blame it on the economy, we say. The same study also fires up debate about how best to judge good employer. As we all know, the view from the outside may differ from what some people on the inside may say. Read more »

What do employees want?

Kiwi job seekers now put long-term job security and the financial health of company at the top of their wish-list when thinking about where they’d like to work. Both factors are now seen as more significant than they were year ago, according to new research by Randstad, global recruitment and HR services company. Read more »

NZ’s most attractive employer

Given the chance, more people in New Zealand would like to work for Air New Zealand than for any other local organisation. That’s the upshot from the recent Randstad Awards where Air New Zealand topped the list of commercial companies and, for the second year running, took out the overall prize as most attractive employer.  Read more »

New era of fast research

Global market research must now focus less on precision and more on direction, according to visiting specialist from Canada, Dr Darrell Bricker. The CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs told group of researchers and market clients in Auckland recently that research has never been harder. Read more »

Cyber attacks switch gear

Symantec Corp’s latest Internet Security Threat Report, Volume 17 shows that the number of malicious attacks skyrocketed by 81 percent last year. Read more »

Business benefits of privacy

Privacy Week (13-17 May) is a great time to consider the importance of privacy and to help ensure you and your company have good privacy practices in place, writes Privacy

Read More »
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