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The fortnightly newsletter for thought leaders 22nd March 2013

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At the Higher Education Summit in Auckland recently, Careers NZ COO Jay Lamburn tells Executive Update she’s seeing signs of improved understanding and greater willingness by educators and business to work more closely together.

Much of the rock-throwing has stopped, she reckons. Both sides are more willing to engage on solutions. “But there’s still question mark around how they do it.” Read more »

Scale up good practice

New Zealand must better understand its key strengths if it wants to attract more international students to its shores.

The Ministry of Education’s Anne Jackson says New Zealand needs to focus on how really good practice can be scaled up throughout the education system.

Jackson is the ministry’s deputy secretary tertiary international and system performance. Read more »

Forget the silver bullet

Careers New Zealand is assessing number of local, regional and national initiatives to help build better bridges between business and the education sector.

Speaking to Executive Update, Careers NZ chief operating officer Jay Lamburn says there’s no single silver bullet for helping transition young people into jobs and careers.

She says the solution does not lie in business model in which each school careers adviser asks every employer, ITO or industry group in their area to go to their school to talk about opportunities. “That’s just not practical or possible.” Read more »

Travel/study-lust combo

Tertiary institutions may hold the key to stemming the migration of some of our top talent to Australia and other countries.

Unitec president and chief executive Dr Richard Ede says many institutions in other countries have built into their curricula requirement for their students to spend semester or two studying abroad. 

Read more »

Save the golden goose

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