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The fortnightly newsletter for thought leaders 29th July 2011

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In yesterday’s OCR announcement, the Reserve Bank managed to find positive side to our all-time high dollar… salary packages are heading up according to Seek New Zealand…  but the economic recovery has yet to filter down to many of our SMEs… and survey released yesterday shows the growing influence of social media on consumer purchasing decisions.
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The dollar dilemma

The relief for exporters was only temporary, but the NZ dollar fell from its post float high against the US dollar – it had hit US 87.65c on Wednesday night – after the Reserve Bank left the official cash rate unchanged yesterday at 2.5%. Even so it was heading north again, edging once more over US 87c, by the end of the day. However, RBNZ governor Alan Bollard saw some benefits in the currency’s strength, as Executive Update’s economics correspondent Bob Edlin reports. 
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NZ pay packets rise

The average salary package advertised on New Zealand’s largest jobs site, seek.co.nz, rose by 3.1% between January and June this year – and the growth in pay packets is strongest in provincial areas.
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Growing influence of social media on consumer purchasing decisions

New Zealanders are rapidly adopting social media and it is increasingly influencing our purchasing decisions, according to the latest in an ongoing series of annual studies exploring consumer opinions on customer experiences.
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Business mentoring demand well up on last year

Demand for business mentoring is high with many long established companies seeking help for the first time, according to Business Mentors New Zealand (BMNZ), suggesting that the pick up in the economy has yet to filter through to many in the SME market.
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Seven reasons why companies fail

High-profile corporate failures don’t just happen. As new study reveals, they occur because boards and executives are fatally blind to fundamental risks to their business model and reputation and too focused on pursuing growth at any cost.
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