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The fortnightly newsletter for thought leaders 1st July 2011

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A report by Hay Group shows CEOs have set bullish growth targets for this year, but the majority don’t have adequate performance management systems in place to achieve these…  a panel of 11 forecasters is predicting an unspectacular, albeit steady, recovery for the NZ economy…  with the ASB’s quarterly regional economic scoreboard showing Auckland is leading the way… and some interesting new research shows the more women you have on team, the better its performance.
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Business leaders demanding unprecedented increase in productivity

CEOs in New Zealand and Australia, as well as around the globe, have set bullish growth targets for this year, and are demanding significant increases in workforce productivity to meet them, according to new research from global management consultancy Hay Group. The report also found an alarming number of businesses are mismanaging performance management.
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Steady but unspectacular economic growth predicted

The Treasury economic forecasts released in conjunction with last month’s Budget copped plenty of criticism for being overly optimistic and based on number of tenuous assumptions. However, they are slightly more conservative than the latest NZIER’s quarterly consensus forecasts of 11 economic and financial agencies.
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Auckland in front in the recovery race

More evidence that Auckland is leading the economic recovery comes from the latest quarterly ASB Bank’s NZ Regional Economic Scoreboard which shows it’s out in front of the rest of the country in the economic stakes. The next best performing areas are Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Wellington.
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More women key to smarter teams

Given the brouhaha surrounding EMA CEO Alasdair Thompson’s ill-chosen comments about women and productivity, here’s some interesting topical research on Harvard Business Review’s blogs site – it shows while there’s little correlation between team’s collective intelligence and the IQs of its individual members, the more women group includes the higher its collective intelligence rises.
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Canterbury rebuild stimulates labour market

The construction/building/engineering, information technology, telecommunications, manufacturing and utilities sectors are all looking to hire more staff in the next three month

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