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The fortnightly newsletter for thought leaders 17th June 2011

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Despite more big shakes down in Canterbury, there has been plethora of brighter economic news this week… but globally there are concerns about thawing in economic relations between the world’s two big super powers and executives are less confident about their countries’ economies… We look at shifting paradigms for managing innovation over the next decade… and some disturbing new research shows business leaders lack faith in their marketing departments.
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A flood of encouraging economic news

Despite this week’s setback of more earthquake damage in Canterbury, the flow of heartening economic data continued yesterday with news of lift in consumer confidence and in manufacturing. This followed Wednesday’s release of statistics which showed the biggest jump in consumer spending in more than four very long years for retailers. Executive Update’s economics correspondent Bob Edlin reports.
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China-US economic cold war?

In global economic context this week, concern about breakdown in US-China ties was common thread running through the World Economic Forum on East Asia in Jakarta, which brought together hundreds of government officials, business leaders and academics.
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Executives less confident about their economies

Over the past three months, executives around the world have grown more pessimistic about their nations’ economies but the outlook for their companies remains positive, McKinsey & Co’s latest Global Survey reveals.
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Managing innovation over the next decade

The variety and speed at which clever new products and services are coming into the market is mind boggling. But it is often the processes that lead to the creation of new technologies that may prove more enduring. These also are being innovated and hold the key to success in the more open and collaborative business environment of the future.
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Six big problems with marketers

Business leaders say their marketing departments are still unable to clearly demonstrate the bottom-line value of their campaigns and are not the business growth generators they should be, according to damning research by the Fournaise Marketing Group.
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