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The fortnightly newsletter for thought leaders 20th May 2011

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This week we focus on yesterday’s mostly predictable Budget, with expert analysis from Deloitte, BNZ’s Tony Alexander and ASB’s economic team. Economics correspondent Bob Edlin also takes look at last week’s radical Labour Budget across the Tasman.  In this week’s issue, you’ll also find out what keeps Kiwi business executives awake at night.
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The Budget: What difference year makes

Last year’s Budget was full of optimism with the most significant tax changes in 25 years targeted to provide platform for productivity and economic growth. year and two Christchurch earthquakes later, with the Government’s accounts looking less rosy, the 2011 Budget sees the first tentative steps to tackling Government entitlements, says Deloitte CEO Murray Jack. But is it enough?
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A no-surprises Budget

The Budget contains little to get excited about in terms of driving the economy forward, says BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander – though that is partly understandable in the context of needing to get the record 8.4% of GDP budget deficit under control.
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Australia’s $2 billion welfare assault

Our National Government could take some political comfort from the Australian Labor Government’s crackdown on welfare expenditure in last week’s Budget across the Tasman – given Labour’s temerity on this issue here. Executive Update’s economic correspondent Bob Edlin reports on the Aussie Budget.
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Finding NZ’s most reputable enterprises

The search is on again for New Zealand’s most reputable organisations. Have your say on who you admire most in our corporate, state-owned enterprise, government and not-for-profit sectors.
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What strategic uncertainties keep Kiwis awake at night?

A recent survey of New Zealand senior executives by the Sustainable Future Institute has found that the uncertain quality of government decision making is the thing most likely to result in disturbed night’s sleep for this country’s business decision makers.
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