Executivepulse : Attitudes towards rise in GST

A new survey shows business decision makers are more likely than most New Zealanders to believe personal tax cuts in the Budget will fully compensate them for the rise in GST.
However, more (43%) still believe they will not be fully compensated than compensated (39%).
Do you think you will be adequately compensated, through reductions in personal tax and other changes, for the increase in GST to 15%?

Results for 2499 New Zealanders
Don’t know22%

Results for 612 decision makers
Don’t know18%

Source: ShapeNZ Budget 2010 survey May 20 – June 8, 2010. Maximum margin of error on the national sample +/- 1.9%. Margin of error on the decision maker sample (business managers, proprietors, self employed and professionals) +/- 4%. On the web: www.nzbcsd.org.nz www.shapenz.org.nz

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