Finding NZ’s most reputable enterprises

NZ’s Most Reputable Organisations is study of corporate reputation conducted by global management consultancy, Hay Group in partnership with NZ Management magazine. It seeks to identify who our most reputable organisations are and why. Executives and directors are asked to nominate organisations and rate them on 12 reputational factors.

This annual study was first conducted last year and was published in NZ Management magazine in September 2010. Findings from that research revealed that strength of leadership coupled with demonstrable integrity in the approach taken to doing business is viewed as more important element to building corporate reputation in New Zealand than financial performance alone.

The New Zealand survey is modelled on Fortune magazine’s “The World’s Most Admired Companies” listing, which Hay Group also helps compile, but has been extended to include other important sectors of the New Zealand business environment.

Following the strong response to last year’s inaugural survey and the valuable management, leadership and performance insights it provided, decision was made to hold the survey annually. “The survey and associated research is helping us build better understanding of what organisational reputation means in New Zealand and what it is built upon,” says NZ Management publisher Toni Myers. “However, the research is dependent on the strength and quality of the response to the survey and we would appreciate the support of the business community in ensuring that it provides meaningful information that we can draw on to improve our organisational skills.”

The 2010 winners were:
Most Reputable Company – Air New Zealand
Most Reputable State Owned Enterprise – Kiwibank
Most Reputable Government Department – NZ Police
Most Reputable Not-For-Profit – Salvation Army
Overall Most Reputable Organisation – Air New Zealand

Who will be the winners in 2011? You have until June 3 to make your nomination. Please go to or contact Hay Group’s Deborah Ingold on 0800 429 477.

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