Future focus

McCormack says career isn’t about getting slotted in to current gap in today’s employment market. 

“A career should start off as dream. We should encourage students to study what they are most interested in and most passionate about. 

“Not only is that likely to help them succeed and achieve their educational goals but it’s more likely to be tuned to the future world than anything we can tell them.”

McCormack sees the future of our nation as synonymous with the aspirations of our young people. 

“In this rapidly changing world they will be attuned to where the world is going more than where it has come from. They will be more attuned to the future than the older generation can ever be.”

He says that when older people think about the future they are confused by signals from the past.

“Young people look at the future with as much uncertainty [as we do] but without the confusion. They see the future through cleaner glass than we do.

“So tertiary institutions must strike balance between getting closer to the ‘now’ of employment, industry and professions by engaging, exchanging and partnership in all sorts of new ways and, at the same time, getting closer to the future of the world by responding to the demand curve of young aspiration that we see in our incoming students.”

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