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MyWave links every aspect of the customers’ digital and real lives, connecting them with their most trusted merchants and brands. The customers’ data is stored securely and only released to companies they want to do business with. This “avoids the stalking, pushing and shouting of current non-relevant online marketing,” says McBride.

She says there’s currently “land grab” for data on customers, but that information and preferences sourced via big data are frequently inaccurate and outdated, based on assumptions and data that is not maintained. MyWave customer-driven ‘opt-in’ data and preferences puts the power and control in the hands of the consumer.

Consumers get whole new personalized experience of the Web and own their own data.

Cameron explains further, “It’s like combination personal assistant, concierge, life coach and personal shopper – all focused on giving you the right experience, in the right place, at the right time.”

“And you can carry it in your pocket….”

Initially targeting millennials or ‘digital natives’, MyWave models user experience from the gaming industry and augmented reality – but extended into the commercial and real world.

The model works for any industry and any-sized enterprise, allowing business to instantly create digital store-front – enabling true virtual experience for the customer.

McBride is former president and CEO of SAP, Asia Pacific, Japan and North America and was profiled by CEO magazine as “one of 12 global leaders changing the business world”. Last week she was honoured at Kea’s World Class New Zealand Awards for her contribution to Information and Communications (read the story in the June special World Class New Zealand issue of Management magazine). McBride and further details of her new venture will feature also in the July Leadership issue of Management magazine.

Mark Cameron founded his successful strategic social media agency, Working Three, prior to MyWave, and is considered one of the smartest social media thought-leaders in the industry.

MyWave also offers services to companies helping them to reimagine their business by placing the customer at the centre. The model encourages direct engagement between the producer and the customer, promoting co-creation and engaging customers as advocates. There’s even an opportunity for customers to earn commissions by introducing new customers to favoured product or brand.

It‘s re-inventing of the value chain from the old-fashioned pure ‘push’ model for products and services to contemporary, customer/demand-driven one.

MyWave’s high-powered board includes thought leaders in this space from the US, UK and Australia, plus New Zealand technology entrepreneur Claudia Batten now based in the US, and Rob Cameron, one of New Zealand’s most skilled investment bankers.

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