Hard to find good IT staff

The survey found 80 percent of NZ CIOs and CTOs are optimistic about New Zealand’s economic growth in 2012. fifth of the same senior managers also intend to increase the number of permanent technology personnel during the first half of 2012. 

Just over 70 percent plan on keeping staff levels the same, and only five percent plan on decreasing IT headcount.

The main reasons for increasing permanent staff?

to facilitate business growth (40 percent);

to implement IT system upgrades (40 percent); 

to pick up the slack of rising workloads (20 percent).

Despite this, well over half (57 percent) of senior IT managers are currently finding it challenge to secure skilled IT professionals and 55 percent cited retention as an ongoing concern for 2012.

Robert Half general manager Megan Alexander says over two thirds of CIOs and CTOs surveyed are confident that their company will invest in new technology projects in 2012.  

The research found that on average it takes more than seven weeks to fill management level IT position and more than five weeks to fill staff level position.

The research was conducted from 10 December 2011 to 19 January 2012, and included 100 CIOs and CTOs in New Zealand.

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