High hopes for NZ business

The results suggest that New Zealand is in stage of high business growth. Net profits increased for 61 percent of the New Zealand businesses surveyed plus 83 percent of Kiwi entrepreneurs predict an increase in net profit in the next six months – well above the expectations of other countries (73 percent global average). As well as that, 51 percent of New Zealand entrepreneurs reported increases in the number of full-time employees in the past six months.

Business revenue was up for 61 percent of the Kiwi businesses surveyed. Entrepreneurs in this country also have positive outlook for the rest of the year, with 85 percent expecting an increase in revenue.

Tony Falkenstein, NZ EO member and founder of Just Water International, says that the high growth that New Zealand business seems to be experiencing is promising, and indicates sound business environment.

“Over the last six months, New Zealand has experienced high business growth despite the economic hardship of the last few years – and that’s certainly good news,” says Falkenstein.

“Better yet, Kiwi entrepreneurs have high hopes for their businesses, and positive attitude in regards to changes they expect to see in the next six months – more so than the rest of the world.”

In fact, 71 percent of the New Zealand based entrepreneurs surveyed indicated that they have the inclination to start new business in this economic climate, so the future is looking bright for New Zealand business.

To learn more about the EO Global Entrepreneur Indicator and to read the full reports, visit www.entrepreneurindicator.com.

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