How business can help with quake recovery

Member businesses of the industry groups are helping in many ways, including free use of helicopters, road vehicles, equipment and personnel, and financial, food and other donations. BusinessNZ Chief Executive Phil O’Reilly said the extent of industry and official government help for Christchurch individuals and families has been extraordinary.

“In the midst of this unfolding tragedy we have seen the courage and resilience of Christchurch people and the genuine desire for businesses to help. Industry associations will help coordinate those efforts and promote the fact that Christchurch is open for business. The quickest way to help Christchurch get back to normality is to buy things from there. People and enterprises elsewhere can help greatly simply by doing business with Christchurch firms.”

Businesses wishing to contribute in any way are asked to contact [email protected] or call 04 4966 554.

A special website ( has also been established with an extensive list of Christchurch businesses that people can buy from, with regular Twitter updates @supportchchbiz. Initiator Debbie Roberts says its main purpose is to help Christchurch businesses find new markets given their local business base has been severely impacted by the quake. “Rather than just give up, it’s an opportunity for some of them to embrace online commerce and to build their business outside of Christchurch while the economy here is recovering.”

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