AS I SEE IT : Cheryl Holloway

• MD of Kaahu Communications. • Current focus: improving communication between local government organisations and Maori communities. • On this year’s Leadership New Zealand leadership course.

What are the values that you will not negotiate on?
Integrity: do the right thing. The easiest and quickest path forward is not always the right one. Be vigilant. Ask the hard questions. If it’s not right, walk away. Respect: imagine more of this in the world! All people, from the cleaner to the CEO, deserve your respect. simple truth, easily forgotten.

What dreams do you have for the future of New Zealand?
Strong visionary leaders make series of well-informed decisions. The nation deals with its past, and everyone is ready to move strongly towards the future. People feel valued and want to contribute to society. The result? prosperous, multicultural, clean green haven – our own Pacific paradise.

What are the biggest barriers to success for New Zealand?
Tunnel vision. Our number 8 wire mentality says we’re innovative, resourceful, we can do it ourselves. But can we ask for help? Can we encourage tall poppies? Can we see how fortunate we are
compared with the rest of the world? lack of vision could be fatal.

Leadership without ego – how do we reach this state?
Be honest with yourself. What don’t you know? What are you no good at? What are your underlying motivations? What makes you angry? Why?
Ask yourself these questions. Reflect on your answers. Get feedback from other people. Most importantly, be willing to improve yourself. Be willing to change.

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