AS I SEE IT : Kelvin Hussey

CallPlus is Kiwi-owned tele-communications provider. What does that mean for the company?
It’s made up of bunch of cool people, doing amazing things with technology to benefit New Zealand business. The main focus of our technology is to make things easy and solve those tricky little telecommunication problems, like being gouged by the big fellas.

What are the challenges in the telecommunications market?
There is only one challenge in the New Zealand telecommunications market and that’s getting fair deal from the dominant players. However new technologies and advances in access methods mean it’s now possible to get into the local loop at competitive rate. Though often criticised, the New Zealand Government created cracks in the dominance (don’t tell them I said so) and once we get in the front door of business, we can now make something special happen.

What are the trends we should be looking out for on the horizon?
Mobility and cloud-based services. If you can get within range of WiFi or WiMax connection anywhere in the world, you can work, as it will all sit in the cloud.

How do you see New Zealand’s identity and our place in the world?
It took me one holiday here (and Kiwi wife) to realise that this is where I want to live, however sometimes I think we underestimate ourselves. We are one of the only westernised nations to have Free Trade Agreement with China – we need to think big and act like it!

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