AS I SEE IT : Samuel Tys Trustrum

• Designer for Designworks Enterprise IG • Age: 26

How would you describe the New Zealand identity?
Our identity is as fragmented, diverse, and interesting as the people who form it. We are made up of worldly insight, and local, pragmatic problem solving. The strong combination of these will continue to shape our unique story. The short history of New Zealand means we are only now etching true shape to ourselves.

Who are we as people?
New Zealand seems to be shaping itself with two distinct mindsets. One of confidence and intelligence, the other of careful and politically correct thinking. culture of fearful decision-making will not survive against the boldness and determination that country living on the edge of the world needs to aspire to.

What can we learn from our past?
That talking about creativity and innovation is quite different than actually ‘being’ creative and innovative. ‘Design’ has lost lot of its meaning through corrosive use of it as ‘buzz word’. We have celebrated our innovators like Peter Jackson, but have also been under-whelming when asked to support the type of imagination that it stems from. Only when we can embrace what ‘design’ actually means for business, rather than just bandy the word about can we become nation of true world-class leaders.

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