As I See It: Strive for change

What could NZ do better?
Lose the ego and start working together. We enjoy projecting an egalitarian persona, however, this can often serve as mask to our subconscious intention. If NZ is to be truly recognised as an innovative economy and bring about change to our challenges – social or otherwise – we need to recognise that we can only do it together. As nation we can learn lot from the awesome way we respond well to crises such as natural disasters, social deprivation and even supporting our girl Val.

How could our business leaders help with this?
Look in the mirror. If you see gold-plated crown, try taking it off for second. More often than not those who mean to follow you do so because of your experience, intention and/or vision, not because of your crown or title. While you are where you are because you have the proven smarts, courage and confidence you can only achieve your intention or vision with the aid of your people.

What would it take for everyone to make difference?
Work together. In isolation it is highly unlikely any single individual or company can achieve the change we strive for. It is important to remember that while the public and third sectors strive to make difference to challenging issues such as social inequality, it isn’t necessarily up to them alone. The private sector can play part too and working together devoid of ego will carry us to exactly where we need to be. Together and proud. M

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