INBOX : Dead right

A death notification service is helping business groups such as the legal, accounting and insurance industries identify clients who have died.
It’s being developed off the back of website, which was established to help grieving family members mark the passing of loved ones, but has also proved helpful for businesses. The site’s 100,000th online Remembrance Page has just been created.
Site creator and managing director, Sue Skeet, says marketers and professionals, in particular lawyers and trust managers, are finding the site useful to manage client records,
Says Skeet: “Our notification services and remembrance pages help at this sensitive time. With the ongoing cost to business of not getting it right for the surviving family so high, it’s no-brainer to log in and get the notification service that best suits your business.”
Complete published death records date back to 2006. further 20 percent of death listings from 2000 to 2006 were added in July.

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