Inbox: Executive development creates corporate success

In nod to the critical impact of talent management and retention on organisational performance, the newest recruit to the group of sponsors for the Deloitte/Management magazine Top200 Awards, is executive coaching company ilume.
In sponsoring the Best Growth Strategy category, ilume sees an opportunity to inform the corporate community about the transforming impact of executive development on company’s ability to grow and resolve complex issues in challenging environment. Its focus is on specific development of the individual leading to business success.
In relatively short time ilume has gained reputation for results in discipline that has large range of practitioners. Directors Angela Neighbours and Raechel Ford have both had successful careers at senior levels of the corporate sector. They researched and identified early on what they believe is the best coach training available anywhere in the world and gained accreditation with the International Coaching Community, one of the largest global coaching organisations.
Neighbours is also member of the faculty of the Master Coach Academy, an annual programme for qualified coaches to achieve the highest certification standard.
Combining their business philosophy, coaching skills and knowledge base, Neighbours and Ford have built blue chip client base that includes international and New Zealand based companies, many of which feature in the Top200 Companies list.
Ilume works from the chief executive down to many levels throughout an organisation to develop leaders, build teams and strengthen business.
“CEOs must understand that ownership of development programme is with the individual,” says Neighbours. “The moment an individual takes ownership of their own development process, it helps to fulfil their career and personal aspirations.
“People develop fastest when they feel responsible for their own development. The company wins both in the short-term from enhanced executive performance, and in the longer term as challenged and fulfilled employees stay committed to their job and the company.
“We know that organisations are very good at measuring the competencies of person to fit the size (capability requirements) of role. However, there is further opportunity to measure the size (capacity and capability) of the person beyond their current role. Bringing capacity and capability together is the ultimate measure of talent.”
Ford, coming from CEO roles at Athena Products and The Body Shop New Zealand, and senior roles within the Carter Holt Harvey group, brings to ilume first-hand knowledge of the complex challenges that leaders grapple with in today’s environment.
She elaborates: “Developing people and retaining talent is critical skill for every CEO. In fact about 90 percent of the success factor of their role is the ability to develop others, hire well and create career pathways for their staff.” M

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