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Offshore oil and gas exploration is supported by 71.4 percent of business decision makers nationwide, if adequate environmental protection is provided, according to Horizon poll. This compares with 62.1 percent support among the population overall.
However, 61 percent of both business people and the general population didn’t think, at the time of polling, that the Government had adequate checks and balances in place to avoid environmental risk from deep sea oil drilling.

Given adequate environmental protection was provided, do you think offshore oil and gas exploration and extraction should proceed?

2050 total responses

A. Strongly support26.3%
B. Support35.8%
C. Neutral14.2%
D. Oppose 9.6%
E. Strongly oppose12.1%
F. Don’t know 2%

387 business decision makers

A. Strongly support36.6%
B. Support34.8%
C. Neutral9.6%
D. Oppose8.4%
E. Strongly oppose9.5%
F. Don’t know 1.1%

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