Inbox: Executive Pulse: More firms planning to hire

An AWF-HorizonPoll national survey of people in work shows more organisations are thinking of increasing staff during the next year.
Some 19% of business decision makers (managers, executives, proprietors, self-employed and professionals) say their organisations will increase staff, 11.4% decrease and 56% stay the same. These numbers are close to what all respondents in work also believe will happen within their organisations in the next year. By sector, manufacturing most expects to decrease staff. M

Is the organisation you work for increasing or decreasing the number of staff it employs in the next 12 months?

All in work (n=1550)
A. Increasing staff19.5%

B. Decreasing staff12.2%

C. Keeping staff numbers the same43.9%

D. Don’t know 24.3%

Business decision makers (n= 420)
A. Increasing staff19.0%

B. Decreasing staff11.4%

C. Keeping staff numbers the same56.0%

D. Don’t know24.3%

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