Inbox: Executives expect to be better off this year

Some 31 percent of business decisionmakers expect their households to be financially better off in the next 12 months. This compares with 24.4 percent of adult New Zealanders as whole, according to Horizon Research survey of 2376 people aged 18+.
Fewer decisionmakers expect to be worse off in the next year (22.8 percent) than the adult population as whole (27.4 percent). Almost equal numbers of decisionmakers (45.1 percent) and the adult population as whole (46.2 percent) expect their household financial position will stay the same.
Those earning between $101,000 and $150,000 most expect their households to be better off (48.2 percent).
By sector, those with the highest expectations are working in finance and insurance (39 percent), communications services (33 percent), cafes and restaurants (32.4 percent) and farming, forestry and fishing (30 percent). Agriculture has 30 percent expecting to be better off, manufacturing 28 percent.
Those sectors with lowest numbers expecting to be better off are education (20.7 percent), home and community services (21.9 percent) and government administration and defence (24.2 percent).
Do you think that the financial position of your household will be better or worse in the next 12 months?


Much worse5.70%
Worse 21.70%
About the same46.20%
Better 19.80%
Much better4.60%
Rather not say1.90%


Much worse 4.90%
Worse 17.90%
About the same45.10%
Better 23.40%
Much better7.90%
Rather not say 1%


Much worse -0.80%
Worse -3.80%
About the same -1.10%
Better 3.60%
Much better 3.30%
Rather not say -0.90%

Source: Horizon Research, September 1-12, 2012. 2376 respondents including 515 business decisionmakers. Weighted. Margins of error ±2% on the national sample, ±4.3% on the decisionmaker sub sample. On the web:

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