Inbox: Going bush

Set amidst spectacular Fiordland National Park ‘World Heritage’ scenery, guided walk operator Hollyford Track Guided Walks is opening its well-appointed Martins Bay Lodge to small conference and meeting groups on its new ‘Premier Management Retreat’ package.
Martins Bay Lodge, located at the entrance to the remote and dramatic Hollyford Valley, is set to become the venue for New Zealand’s most exclusive small group meeting experience.
Unlike other remote hiking lodges in the South Island, Martins Bay Lodge is available throughout winter as the perfect venue to stimulate and motivate teams, according to Hollyford Track manager Mick Holzmann.
“This is the first time Hollyford Track Guided Walks has opened one of its lodges over winter and we recognise that there’s niche in the C&I market for meeting venue with difference,” he said.
The communication challenge of operating in such secluded environment has become unique point of difference of the experience.
“The remote location of the Hollyford Valley means we have satellite phone and satellite email coverage, but no cellphone coverage,” said Holzmann. “We think that will mean fully-focused team in the conference room, with no-one checking emails on their cell phones under the table.” M

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