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A new organisation to help businesses move through change has been set up in Auckland.
Changeability is backed by parent company Connect SR, not-for-profit which has been successfully using an approach originally developed by Boston University and used for many years to help individuals to flourish.
The team at Connect saw the enormous potential the application offers to the commercial workplace, and started Changeability to adapt and deliver this unique technology to modern business. All profits from Changeability are given to Connect to provide solutions in the community that are not funded by government bodies.
Changeability’s Jeannine Walsh, says: “Executives told us they were looking for short but effective intervention that would help managers lead change better and create engagement from staff during change. What makes us unique is that we help individuals take an active role in their own change.
“By closing the gap between awareness and action, Changeability supports employees to be more engaged, successful, and satisfied throughout the change process. This in turn helps organisations to maximise productivity, target resources effectively, and minimise disruption caused by the change,” Walsh says. “Changeability provides CEOs, HR managers, and other change leaders with well developed practice technology.”
Walsh says when an organisation wants change to occur, managers need staff to get on board quickly. They have typically invested considerable time in preparation and planning to chart the way forward.
However, before expecting staff to move forward with change, managers need to realise they are one step ahead of the rest of the organisation. Change is not directive, it is process; and people move through various stages before they are ready to take action.
“When an organisation matches its resources and communication appropriately to its staff’s stage of change, the result is smoother, more successful change process,” says Walsh.

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