Inbox: New Horizon poll: Maori split on whether they own water rights

While 90 percent of Maori don’t think state energy assets should be sold off until the Waitangi Tribunal reports on the issue, less than half believe Maori own water in the country’s rivers and lakes and should be able to attach value to it.
Forty-four percent of Maori believe, in general, that Maori own the water. However, 55.6 percent say they don’t own it (35.3 percent) or are not sure (20.4 percent).
The findings come from nationwide survey of 400 Maori aged 18+ by the specialist Horizon Research Maori Panel.
Weighted, the survey has maximum margin of error of 4.9 percent.
While more Maori might believe they don’t generally own water and can attach value to it or are not sure about this, they overwhelming oppose government plans to sell up to 49 percent in state-owned energy companies.
Only eight percent support this, while 82.9 percent oppose. Just over seven percent (7.3) are neutral and 1.8 percent not sure.
Seventy-six percent support the move by the New Zealand Maori Council and 11 other parties to take the water rights and energy issues to an urgent hearing of the Waitangi Tribunal.
Just over sixty-eight percent (68.4) also support the move to hold referendum of registered electors on the Government’s proposal to sell 49 percent of shares in four energy companies and Air New Zealand. Almost 19 percent (18.8) oppose the move to force referendum.

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