Inbox: Note to self

Leadership coach Jasbindar Singh challenges managers to identify the one thing that would make real difference to them. In recent blog she says talented executives often know the answer to this question. “But they are not practising ‘it’, whatever this happens to be for them.”
Singh, who heads up SQ Executive Management Consultancy, says people often attribute the gap between “knowing” and “not doing” to number of reasons such as not having time, not making serious commitment or the lack of plan.
“Our default patterns are not always the best ones. Our most common everyday process is to continue to do what we’re already doing.”
She says managers and leaders should pose this game-changing question to their direct reports. She has received wide range of answers including:
• Take more time for reflection.
• Leave the office by 5pm two nights week.
• Work from home x number of days (or half days) week.
• Inspire and encourage more.
• Show my authentic self more at work.
• Speak my truth.
• Get back into my fitness regime.
• Let go, create ‘not-to-do’ list, delegate more.
• Not ‘lose it’ when under pressure.
What is your answer, she says, and when are you taking action on it? M

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