Inbox: Sir Paul’s legacy lives on

Leadership New Zealand (LNZ) has launched the Sir Paul and Lady Reeves Scholarship Fund in memory of Bishop Sir Paul Reeves (1932-2011). Announced at the inaugural Sir Paul Reeves Memorial Lecture at Holy Trinity Cathedral, Parnell, Auckland, last month, the fund aims to support those people who may otherwise be unable to take part in LNZ’s leadership programmes.
A not-for-profit incorporated charity, LNZ’s mission is to develop and nurture future generations of New Zealand’s leaders.
Its programmes bring together leaders from every generation and sector, connecting them through conversation and challenging them to make difference.
LNZ says it believes there should be no unreasonable economic barrier for an individual to participate in its programmes. It envisages the new fund will become the primary source of scholarships in the future.
Investor and philanthropist Sir David Levene has already donated to the fund and LNZ says it welcomes additional funding support from others. M

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