Inbox: Smartphones new Swizz army knife

As the usage and processing power of smartphones increase in tandem with the rising speed of 3G and 4G data networks, mobile devices are invading the domains of single-purpose gear such as game consoles and portable media players, as well as PCs.
Smartphones are also becoming the device of choice for email, web browsing, and product research. third of smartphone owners prefer using it for web browsing or email even when they are near PCs, new research from McKinsey & Co shows. McKinsey has been tracking consumers’ digital habits through series of surveys covering more than 100,000 respondents across North America, Europe, and Asia.
Its latest survey involving 20,000 US consumers shows over the past two years iPhone users have spent 45 percent more time emailing on their smartphones and 15 percent less time emailing on their PCs. More than 60 percent of smartphone users would consider buying goods with it or have already done so.
As the power and functionality of devices grow, the possibilities for making money from mobile platforms will continue to improve, say the McKinsey researchers. “We found, for instance, that smartphone users already are more accustomed to paying for digital content and services than traditional online users are.”
The research also shows nearly 50 percent of US online consumers are now advanced users of smartphones, social networks, and other emerging tools – up from 32 percent in 2008. M

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