Inbox: Taxicharge launches new card initiatives

Taxi billing solutions provider TaxiCharge NZ is expanding its card business to help corporate taxi users to manage and control their taxi spend.
The company has launched voucher cards which enable controls to be set on the use of the card – where, when and how the cards can be used, including the number of trips and destination.
“Greater control on the actual use of voucher cards provides improved accountability when compared with paper vouchers, which can be difficult to reconcile,” says chief executive Mark Lines.
“With voucher cards, there is no liability for the customer. The customer pre-determines the use of the card including preferred TaxiCharge taxi partner company, and can stipulate time and date of use and pick up and drop off points.”
TaxiCharge has also launched new gift card with purchasers able to nominate dollar value, with the card having life of 12 months. The cards can be purchased online through the secure eTaxi account management module on the TaxiCharge website (
Users can check the balance on the card online via eTaxi or through POS terminals installed in Partner taxi companies nationwide. M

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