Internet Spawns the Collaborator

Everyone knows the internet has radically altered the dynamics of doing business. It has changed relationships between organisations and their customers, suppliers and employees. PeopleSoft Asia Pacific product manager Ray Kloss was in New Zealand recently reminding customers how to make the most of the difference.
Automation and improvement of business processes was traditionally confined within an organisation’s four walls; interactions with customers and suppliers occurred on the periphery. Only limited number of employees participated in and contributed to the improvement of business processes, such as marketing, selling, fulfilling, payment, buying goods and services, recruiting and managing people.
Extending these core business processes directly to the customers, suppliers, and employees reduces costs, increases productivity, increases customer loyalty and drives profitability, according to Kloss.
But what does the collaborative enterprise do that’s different?
Well, they use the internet and technology to achieve these improvements in business processes. They extend business processes to everyone who drives the organisation’s business performance.
“The collaborative enterprise is far more efficient way of doing business,” says Kloss.
Kloss believes collaborative enterprises extend the profitability and cost reduction benefits of automating and integrating core business processes.
This has positive effects both inside and outside the business. Employees are more productive and satisfied. They have everything they need to perform their role.
Customers, on the other hand, have everything they need with which to conduct business and manage their relationships with the collaborative enterprise. They purchase, inquire, pay and receive service on their own terms. Suppliers, who serve the collaborative enterprise and its customers, also operate more efficiently. They help meet customer demand more effectively by planning collaboratively and managing procurement. Collaboration between customers, suppliers and employees reduces the time it takes to do business and enables better, faster business decisions and actions.
And what’s PeopleSoft’s role in all this? It supplies integrated enterprise software. Analytic applications and pre-built portal solutions enable organisations to manage business more effectively, says Kloss. “At the end of the day, all businesses are looking for profitability. And the collaborative enterprise has the power to achieve high profitability.”

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