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February is Bike Wise Month and will see more than 10,000 people take part in 28 days of two-wheeled competitions and celebrations around New Zealand. There are many business benefits to biking – staff morale, company loyalty and happier healthier workplace are just some – and it’s not bad for your bottom line either.
In fact, cyclists are just the sort of staff many employers are looking for. Biking can often be quicker in traffic so they tend to turn up on time, fresh, awake and less stressed. Regular riders are happier, healthier and more creative. They take fewer sick days and are more likely to contribute to positive and productive working environment.
In recognition of the growing popularity of cycling, many businesses have become more cycle-friendly. Smart employers like Meridian Energy, Inland Revenue and Westpac provide showers, changing rooms and secure bike parking for staff. Some even provide fleet bikes which employees can use for work purposes.
Not only are bikes cheaper than cars to buy and maintain, they can please your accountant in other ways. They’re fantastic means of enhancing your market reputation and increasing your customer base. Your clean, green image and reduced carbon footprint can be highlighted on your website or in promotional material to really get your customers talking.
The Bike Wise Battle, held every year as part of Bike Wise Month, is great opportunity for businesses. It’s free competition that pitches your company against others of similar size, to see who can get the highest percentage of staff riding bike. It gives big boost to morale, getting staff to work together and it really appeals to those with competitive streak.
Wednesday February 18 is Go By Bike Day, when New Zealanders are encouraged to leave the car at home and bike to work instead. Free breakfasts are provided in most localities for anyone on two wheels. Why not encourage your staff or colleagues to take part? It may be the perfect way to see how biking benefits your business.

Find out more about Bike Wise Month events and register for the Bike Wise Battle at

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