INTOUCH: Building Up The Construction Industry

The New Zealand construction sector is one of the economy’s largest, employing over seven percent of the workforce and representing national investment of over $280 billion. It is also in need of boost in leadership and productivity to regain positive results from years past.
Research by the Centre for Advanced Engineers (CAENZ) reported last year that there was general decline in the construction industry, and that industry providers and their clients were struggling to cope with shortfall in skills and resources. CAENZ also found that clients were concerned about the impact of defects increasing with just 31 percent of projects rated as acceptable in 2006, compared to 78 percent in 2005. Plus, the number of projects achieving construction targets on time had decreased from 53 percent in 2005 to 23 percent in 2006.
A depressing picture. However it’s not all gloom and doom for the industry as new diploma, Managerial Excellence in Engineering and Construction, aims to help improve performance and transform the industry. About to commence its second year, the diploma’s goal is to change mindsets and transform businesses, by turning up-and-coming home-grown project and business managers into world-class construction industry professionals.
Starting in July, the diploma has been jointly developed by the New Zealand Institute of Management (NZIM) and The Academy of Constructing Excellence (ACE). It can be taken as 10-month course or individual modules.
The diploma has advisory support from leading industry figures from range of clients, contractors and consultancies representing amongst others: Arrow International, Beca, Fulton Hogan, Leighs Construction, Massey University (Strategic Property), Naylor Love, NZ Strong, Mainzeal and Transit NZ.

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