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Extra help has become available to assist businesses to measure their carbon emissions online and find ways to cut them and boost profits.
The New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development has launched an online guide and updated calculator which includes examples of companies cutting emissions and adding millions of dollars to their bottom lines.
While emissions pricing is now on its way, following the September 10 passing of the emission trading law in Parliament, the NZBCSD says few business decision makers feel fully informed on the issue and most have not measured their emissions.
“We think there are big opportunities for businesses to measure emissions, cut them and profit,” chief executive Peter Neilson says.
The Business Council has provided emissions measurement information and an online calculator since 2003. Its latest guide and updated online calculator are aimed at helping mid-level executives easily prepare reports and encourage their organisations to act.
The new calculator uses the latest emissions factors, allows firms to save data, revisit to complete emissions reports and download and save them in Excel.
“Emissions reduction isn’t just about the bigger emitters who will need to be the point of obligation in the emissions trading scheme. It’s also about hundreds of thousands of medium to small businesses which will be paying an emissions price through fuel, power and other costs,” Neilson says.
“Lowering carbon emissions is also necessary to ensure New Zealand stays competitive long term as we head into lower-carbon economy globally and consumers start reading carbon labels on products and services.”
The emissions guide and calculator service has been developed in association with the Ministry for the Environment and the climate change team of Business Council member company PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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