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How old are the vehicles executives drive? What is their level of carbon emissions? As new emissions rules put up the prices of used imports, how will executives respond? And would they support the Government paying cash incentive to encourage people to trade in 10- to 15-year-old gas guzzlers?
If the vehicle you mainly use is older than 10 years, do you suspect or know it could be high emission one?

All respondents 1290
Don’t know42%

Business decision makers 399
Don’t know39%

If new emissions standards increase the prices of newly registered new and used imported vehicles, will you be more or less likely to replace your vehicle?

Much less likely to replace14%
Less likely to replace30%
Make no difference44%
More likely to replace7%
Much more likely to replace1%
Don’t know5%

Business decision makers
Much less likely to replace8%
Less likely to replace25%
Make no difference59%
More likely to replace5%
Much more likely to replace1%
Don’t know2%

Should the Government offer payment to owners of high-emission vehicles aged between 10 and 15 years to scrap their vehicles and use the money to buy more fuel efficient one?

Don’t know12%

Business decision makers
Don’t know10%

Source: ShapeNZ November 23, 2007 – 7 February, 2008. 1290 respondents, 399 of them business managers, proprietors, self-employed. Weighted by age, gender, personal income, employment status and party vote 2005. Margin of error + or – 2%.
ShapeNZ ( is operated by the New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development.

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