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Do you believe emissions trading, by putting price on emissions, will encourage business emitters to reduce emissions?

A. Yes53%
B. No37%
C. Don’t know10%

A new world greenhouse gas control agreement is now being discussed. Some countries which plan to reduce emissions are suggesting they may put tax on imports from countries which do not place cost of carbon on their emitters – to protect their businesses from unfair competition.
Should New Zealand put carbon tax on imports from countries not placing carbon price on their emitters?

A. Yes58%
B. No22%
C. Don’t know20%

Source: ShapeNZ survey of 746 business decision makers (selected by occupation: business manager, proprietor, self employed), February 13 to March 3, 2008. Weighted by age, gender, income, employment status and party vote 2005.
ShapeNZ is operated by the New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development: and

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