INTOUCH : Exporters get $46k carrot

The New Zealand School of Export is challenging the country’s exporters to raise their game, and is offering over $46,000 worth of scholarships to help.
“Eighty percent of exports come from just 350 of New Zealand’s 8000 exporters,” says Romuald Rudzki, director of the School. “We are aiming to get Kiwi exporters to the same level as their overseas competitors through the Diploma of International Trade.”
The diploma is practical business development programme that takes new or existing exporters through every stage of the process, from understanding global trends affecting their business, to transforming the business into an international one. “Kiwis go into the world and give it their best shot, but they are often dealing with more experienced exporters and sometimes complete rogues,” says Rudzki.
The school is partnering with growing number of business groups around New Zealand and exporters who’ve already graduated include Ian Walton, vice-president at ATRAX Group, which recently entered its 91st market. Walton recommends it to anyone either already in, or contemplating entering, the “highly competitive arena” of export.
Those already in the game are wonderful people, says Rudzki.
“Kiwi exporters are innovative and hard-working, but if you want to play in the World Cup, then you had better train for it.”
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