INTOUCH: Humour Helps With Indian Businesses

Cricket fans will be taking the upcoming India-New Zealand test matches seriously, but New Zealanders could do worse than lightening up little when it comes to building relationships with Indian business people.
This is one of the findings in the latest of series of research on international perceptions of New Zealand and its business people, carried out by Nielsen for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE).
“Lengthy communication and negotiation is part of doing business in India and their business people really enjoy this aspect,” says NZTE’s outgoing South Asia Trade Commissioner Paul Vaughan. “However, Indians seem to think Australians are more fun to deal with when it comes to business negotiations. This suggests New Zealanders need to take time to build long-term relationships in India and share bit of laughter while doing so.”
The India research also shows some New Zealanders are perceived to have “take it or leave it” approach to negotiations in India.
“Inflexibility could mean New Zealand businesses are missing out on opportunities in India. It is massive market – reducing prices marginally to gain more market share or customising your product to meet the demands of the market could be the key.
“Being willing to collaborate with New Zealand competitors or partner with Indian businesses to meet the country’s volume demands could also open up more strategic opportunities.”
Vaughan says New Zealanders are in good position to build more positive relationships with Indian business people thanks to some shared passions – including cricket.
NZTE has identified India as an important future market for New Zealand and is planning to continue increasing its presence there. Last year it opened an office in India’s commercial centre Mumbai to complement its existing office in New Delhi.

The Perceptions of New Zealand Overseas Research in India, as well as company case studies and commentary are available online at: Visited 8 times, 1 visit(s) today

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