INTOUCH : I hate my…

A fifth of workers apparently hate their colleagues and almost two-thirds regularly gossip about them when they’re out of earshot.
That’s according to OnePoll study that surveyed 2000 people in the UK to discover that, even after work, one in four respondents go on moaning about their colleagues with women more likely to talk behind fellow worker’s back than men.
The researchers also found that bosses are the major cause of tension in the workplace with senior management seriously in the firing line as the ‘least liked’ group.
Sadly, back-stabbing is apparently most common in the media, with accounts, IT and sales following on. Nurses are nicest to each other.
And for those who would really like to vent their frustration about work situations and stupid bosses, there are websites catering just for you. Try or Be warned, the language is colourful.

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