INTOUCH : Lean guru visit

Founder of the Kaizen Institute, Masaaki Imai will be in New Zealand next month to visit local practitioners of the “lean” business philosophy and share insights on it at public seminar in Auckland.
Known as the father of Kaizen, Imai started taking Japanese managers on tours of American plants in the 1950s to learn strategies for high productivity. These days the philosophy which was famously put to work in Japan’s Toyota factories is being exported to the rest of the world – including New Zealand, where the local Kaizen Institute was founded three years ago.
The philosophy is one of continuous improvement and is all about making simple, commonsense improvements and refinements to critical end-to-end business processes supporting the overall strategy of the organisation.
Imai’s visit to New Zealand from March 1-5 will include stops at Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch.

For more information, contact Kaizen Institute CEO Danie Vermeulen at [email protected] or visit

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