InTouch : New group for Angel investors

A new industry body representing investors that provide much needed financial backing for some of New Zealand’s fastest growing and most successful companies was launched in Auckland last month.
The Angel Association New Zealand will advocate for and promote best practice within the fast-growing investment sector.
Inaugural chairperson, Andy Hamilton, CEO of business growth centre The Icehouse, says that while angel investment is an emerging industry, angel investors play an important role in helping early stage entrepreneurs and their companies.
“Angel investing has the potential to be key asset class and very influential player in commercialising New Zealand innovation. Overseas, we have seen national angel bodies formed once the sector reaches critical mass. Establishing national body in New Zealand is sign of the recent growth of angel investing in our local market.
“The association will set national vision for the sector and help to raise the capability and knowledge of angel groups, many of which are at relatively early stages in their maturity and mainly focused on their own issues and challenges. It will provide fresh impetus to the growth of angel investing in New Zealand,” Hamilton says.
Membership of the association is open to all seed or early stage investment organisations, and business angel groups, networks, syndicates or people who are interested in being associated with this industry.
AucklandPlus group manager Clyde Rogers, who is member of the establishment board, says the association is sign of the level of maturity the angel industry has reached, and it will be able to be much needed advocate for initiatives to assist further growth and development.
“Angel investors have an important role in commercialising ideas. The association will not only provide greater visibility and promotion of the sector as whole, it will also make it easier for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to find potential investors.”
The Angel Association’s activities will include:
• Encouraging the exchange of best practice, experiences and ideas.
• Promoting the growth of angel investment in New Zealand, including encouraging, informing and educating entrepreneurs, new angel investors and angel groups.
• Increasing awareness of business angel networks and of the economic role played by business angels.
• Conducting research, compiling statistics and publishing industry information to help demonstrate industry trends, economic impact and benefits of angel investment.
• Engaging and representing the interests of all segments of the New Zealand angel investment industry in dialogues with governments, peers and industry.
• Contributing to the development and implementation of local, regional and national programmes with the aim of stimulating the development of positive environment for business angel activities.
• Creating and promoting networks with other relevant national and international networks and investment associations.

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