Intouch : New Zealand’s Most Travelled Executive Found

Regus, the largest global player in the serviced office market, is delighted to announce that Mike Wemyss from Focus on Business in Auckland has been named the Regus Most Travelled Executive.
Travelling total of 38,742 kilometres for the 12 months from 1 October 2007 to 30 September 2008, he will receive one-year Businessworld Platinum Membership worth $3800.
Mike Wemyss is the senior applications consultant for Focus on Business, consultancy specialising in customer relationship management solutions and advice. The company has offices in Auckland, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and the UK and is looking to expand into other markets.
In the past year, he has undertaken numerous business trips to Asia and across the Tasman, and is delighted to win the Regus Businessworld membership.
“Winning the membership is great opportunity for our business as we are currently looking to expand our operations within the Asia Pacific region, including Australia. With Regus offices located in Asia and Australia, we can focus on expanding the business with confidence knowing that our team will have easy access to office facilities while overseas.”
With his Regus Businessworld membership, he will be able to access professional office facilities and administrative services in any of Regus’ 1000 business centres in 70 countries around the world. Businessworld membership gives its members access to Regus centres to work between appointments, check emails or hold meeting in professional business environment all while working overseas.
Business travel sounds glamorous, says Regus New Zealand’s general manager Jasen Crompton, but it’s not all wining and dining.
“Often those who travel for business are required to work two jobs,” he says. “There can be expectations to undertake one’s overseas business and stay on top of what’s going on back at the office.
“In these situations, Businessworld is real value add. Businessworld members have access to state-of-the art office facilities with the added back-up of admin support so they can get their work done and find time for sightseeing or catching up on much needed sleep!”

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